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Mural Work 

        During my career as an artist and a student, I've completed a total of two public murals for the city of San Francisco. The first was for an international hostel located in Nob Hill. We completed that project in a little over four months with a team total of 4. The second mural is still currently in progress and will be completed by the beginning of the summer of 2018. 

Currently I'm working on a Mural for the Potter Valley Tribe, located in Fort Bragg, CA> (8/16/2018)

It's finished!! Check out the Native Art Page (2/8/2019)

See Native Art Page for more Murals. 

International Hostel in Nob Hill

Photo Mar 30, 6 12 03 PM_preview
Photo Mar 16, 6 36 59 PM_preview
Photo Dec 28, 9 36 11 AM_preview
Photo Dec 29, 3 28 43 PM_preview
Photo Dec 28, 4 26 45 PM_preview
Photo Dec 27, 8 41 42 AM_preview
Photo Dec 27, 3 42 28 PM_preview
Photo Dec 08, 3 49 37 PM_preview
Photo Dec 22, 3 21 24 PM_preview
Photo Dec 22, 10 28 29 AM_preview
Photo Dec 22, 3 21 47 PM_preview
Photo Dec 22, 8 38 19 AM_preview

The design for this mural was done by @lululin_art. For this mural project, three design proposals were submitted, each by a different member of the team. The client was then presented with the proposals and asked to select one. The one chosen is the one you see featured here. The dimensions for this mural were approx. 90 square feet, the highest point being about nine feet. Once the design was chosen, it was the job of all four of us to scale, draw, color mix, and copy the mural from the original design onto the wall. 

The Cova Hotel

The Cova mural was completed in 2018. It's 11 stories tall. 

Personal Designs and Submissions

Below I will feature my own design proposals for the mural projects above as well as some others. 

From top to bottom is: 

1) Mural submission for the Hostel (acrylic on paper)

2) Un-submitted mural design for the Ukiah Community Center (digital)

3) Mural Submission for the Potter Valley Tribe

4) Mural submission for the Cova Hotel. (acrylic on foam core)

Potter valley.jpg
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