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I was born and raised in Mendocino county. Growing up in an area surrounded by rocky shorelines, tall redwood trees, and grassy bluffs is what inspired a lot of my artwork, as well as seeing a number of these landscapes portrayed in Grace Hudson’s works, who was one of my favorite artists growing up. These rural landscapes created a sense of peace and serenity that I wanted to capture in my own artwork. I work mostly in oil paint, using a large variety of colors in order to capture the complexity of the things I see. Though my artwork learns towards realistic portrayals of nature, I try to capture the serene harmonious feeling through use of color and subject matter. Most of my large paintings come from photographs, which I use to capture the fine details in rocks, trees, and waves. However I prefer to exaggerate color and often times change composition in order to project my own feelings of tranquility when present in the area that inspired my painting. My use of color is reminiscent of impressionistic color schemes, because I feel that bright colorful landscapes can evoke a sense of dreaming, which goes hand in hand with a sense of peace and tranquility. I want my artwork to represent feeling at peace, as if one was able to step away from the hardships of everyday life and escape to another place, even if just for a moment. A lot of my work revolves around moving water, especially rocky seascapes, because I believe that being exposed to it can have a cleansing, revitalizing effect on a person's psyche.

Some of my work is available for purchase, and I'm open for commissions.


Telephone: (415)571-4909


Instagram: @kaelalafey